philosophy-udWhat are your goals and objectives?  What is your investment timeframe?  How comfortable are you with risk? These are the questions that form the basis for developing a tailored, thoughtful, and unique investment approach.  We work with each client individually to understand your views with respect to the above dimensions, start with a clean slate, and develop an investment strategy to address your needs and concerns.  It is an iterative process to ensure that we fully appreciate your dreams as well as your ability to assume risk.

Within the above framework, there are a few attributes and beliefs that drive our investment methodology. We believe that market timing is ill-advised and inappropriate, however over or under-weighting asset classes to reflect current market dynamics is appropriate. We will use this means of active asset allocation. We also practice diversification amongst asset classes as this is critical to reducing portfolio risk (variability of returns). While taxes are always a consideration in portfolio construction and management, it is rarely the most important consideration. We generally use mutual funds and ETF's to construct portfolios and we do believe that it makes sense to find "best in class" mutual fund advisors.

After we gain an understanding of what is important to you, we will utilize state-of-the-art software to construct an investment plan that addresses your concerns, meets your needs, and employs the above philosophy. The strategy will obviously differ based on the need for funds-education, retirement, etc.