Corporate Finance

corporate_financeSmith Financial Advisors can operate as a "Chief Financial Officer" for hire for small business owners in addition to providing traditional planning/investment management services. We can advise on many of the difficult financial decisions that face a small business owner such as:

  • Should I lease or buy?
  • What type of bank loan should I get? Are the terms and conditions reasonable?
  • Is my capital structure appropriate given my firm's needs?
  • What type of employee benefit plans should I consider?
  • Should I sell this asset or business unit?
  • Should I consider a private placement or other longer-term debt instrument?

We have over 3 decades' experience in addressing issues such as the above, both from the standpoint of a lender and as a corporate user of capital. Since we don't sell any products, our advice will always be totally unbiased and independent. We have a vast network of contacts in the financial community that can bring product resources to bear when appropriate.